Specialized Online Rehabilitation



We are here for you!

Our specialty care providers are offering remote telehealth – telerehabilitation and telemedicine, consultations that extend into your home to meet your needs.

Tele Rehab Ph uses technology and data to improve the way care is provided without compromising time, safety and most importantly, quality care.

Safe and remote one-on-one therapy from your home.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide outbreak, Tele Rehab Ph team is taking every precaution to provide the most quality-centered and safest environment possible for all our clients. Keeping you safe is our top priority. 

While many clinics remain open, we recognize that traveling to these facilities for appointments may not be possible for everyone for different reasons and situations. 


1. What is Tele Rehab Ph?

Tele Rehab Ph is a telehealth platform and is the first to offer specialized online telerehabilitation and telemedicine in the Philippines. Telehealth refers to the application of telecommunications and technology in the delivery of clinical professional services at a distance. Telehealth serves to link the clinician / specialist to the client for assessment, intervention and/ or consultation.

2. How are the sessions / consultations done?

All and everything will be done through “Zoom” videoconferencing. Details of the meeting will be given 24-hours before the set appointment.

3. What do I need for the session?

Kindly consider some technical requirements including strong and stable internet connection using a device with a wide screen, with a fully functioning camera, speaker and microphone (built-in or external), and familiarizing with the platform to be used.

4. Can I send documents or photos to the consultant?

Yes. All these are recommended to be sent prior to the appointment so that all readings and analysis will not take away from the actual session / consultation time. 

5. What should I do after the appointment?

You may set up for the next appointment schedule or you may request for HEPs (home exercise programs), e-prescriptions and medical certificates from our specialists. If in-person home visits are of utmost need, then such appointments will be prioritized the next session.

“To find health should be the object of any medical practitioner. Anyone can find disease.”